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Originally Posted by Vex View Post
I'm over 40 so I hear and feel the same way about discouragement over the constant vigilance.

Let's say in order to lose and maintain a weight we are happy and healthy with we have to be spot on for the rest of our lives.

So what? What's the alternative? Dying at 60 a fat, unhappy mess, or hopefully living into our 90's a healthy, less unhappy mess? I think our families would prefer the latter probably.

I know it's easier to say then to feel, and people being intelligent, they KNOW it's the truth, and there are going to be times when the struggle and depression becomes too much, that we give up. Sometimes that will last for a long time. The important thing is to come out of it, to reaffirm what is really important, and move in a positive way again.
Vex, thanks for this, it puts my regains in perspective, I know the first time or two (slow learner) I thought "I'm cured, now I can be a regular eater" but I didn't know what a "regular eater" would eat. Last time I thought I've changed my lifestyle, but then job change, stress, irregular eating, lots of time and miles in the car derailed my healthy lifestyle, being an intelligent person I knew what I had to do, but couldn't get back to it.

New job, regular schedule, 1/3 of the commute, DH's commitment to a healthier lifestyle, inspired me to think I could lose it again, now that I'm close to goal I have what I feel is a healthy fear of the regain, I'm pretty much in a maintenance mode that works for me. Just a few pounds to go, but if I stay where I'm at, I'm happy, I eat healthy, exercise, am enjoying life.

I've walked thousands of miles in the regaining moccasins, hopefully they're worn out...

If I'm not willing to put in any more work, then I have to be satisfied with the results I've achieved. If I'm not satisfied with the results I've acheived I have to put in more work. - Kaplods

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Success leaves clues, look at what the people you admire are doing to succeed.

Quitting does not get you closer to your goals. Do not quit - adapt

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