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Just a quick update..
I just got over being sick and only managed to go to the gym once last week. On top of it being PMS-week, I've been craving carbs like craazzyyy. Now to top it all off - I'm getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out on Wednesday. And stupid me is telling myself "I'm not gonna be able to eat anything for at least 3 days (aside from babyfood which I stocked up on!), so I'm just gonna enjoy as much food as I can NOW." Now this stupid thinking got me to eat tons of chocolate and cakes and whatnot...why oh why am I doing this? Also, I'm telling myself that I'm gonna be losing weight anyways since I'm gonna be in so much pain that I'm not gonna be able to eat or workout or do anything for that matter. And that leads me to eat even more now.

So, no weigh-in for me this week. I went to the gym today and will go back tomorrow and then on Wednesday at 2pm I'm getting my teeth ripped out of my jaw, gah that's gonna be fun.

Congrats to those who had a loss! And here's some for those who have been struggling!

Mini-Goal #1 - 137 lbs
Mini-Goal #2 - 133 lbs
Mini Goal #3 - 128 lbs
Mini Goal #4 - 123 lbs
Final Goal

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