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Originally Posted by canadjineh View Post
A very useful idea, but so many people confuse thirst, emotional need, etc for actual hunger. Best way is to ask your self if you are hungry enough to eat (insert a non-favorite but healthy food here). If you are, then go for that food. If not, then you aren't really hungry; what you REALLY want is something else, emotional soothing, a big glass of water, etc. Then realize it and fulfill that need in a non-food way; call a friend, take a walk, drink the water in a fancy crystal wineglass.
That's a very simplified version of what IE is. The process you have outlined is repeated ad nauseum across the dieting world. "If you aren't hungry enough to eat an apple then you aren't really hungry." There are people who have posted just today about trying to force themselves to eat healthy, then they binge. IE is a process that focuses on feeding the right foods at the right times for your body.

Instead of just following the cues of your conscious mind (ie. you should eat an apple if you are hungry for chocolate) you need to develop (if you want to try IE) a deeper and more robust understanding of what your body is telling you. Eating an apple when you want chocolate is going to have many people eating an apple and then bingeing on chocolate later. Drinking water out of a fancy wine glass isn't going to cut it.

It's also not about giving in and eating chocolate whenever you have a craving for it (another popular understanding of IE). I get cravings for foods that I don't indulge. I'll get a craving for chocolate but I'm not hungry so I just ignore it. I'll want a donut but I realize that it's just because I'm bored and want a distraction from the task I'm working on. Sometimes I'll be a little hungry and want a small snack, but I just tell myself that I will eat at my next meal. It's no big deal because I know I can eat what I would like to eat at my next meal. I'm not going to force myself to have steamed kale and a chicken breast because it's healthy.

IE allows me to enjoy my food without guilt. I eat less than I ever have and I don't feel deprived at all because I'm not forcing myself to eat a certain way because that's what is "healthy". IE allows me to sit with my hunger and still feel comfortable, unlike most Americans who are afraid of hunger and feel the need to stuff themselves with foods that scientists, corporations, and politicians have told us are healthy for us.
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