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Good morning all. There's some weird big yellow thing up in the sky. I think I remember it being referred to as "the sun" but it's been so long since we've seen it without a cloud in front of it that I can't be sure. Obviously if I were John Denver, I would have written sunshine on my shoulders makes me loopy. Now the big debate.......go up to the mountain or get something done around here.

Jane Hang in there. After maintaining at your weight for a year, it's going to fight you for every ounce you want to lose for awhile. And, then, of course, when you're ready to just chuck it all, you'll suddenly have a big whoosh for no reason. I really do believe that our bodies hit set points and they don't change from them easily. Good luck with the big wigs in town today. Will the result of their visit be that you'll finally know what's up at work? The stress from that can be having an impact, too.
Ubee It will come unstuck. And I'll be happy to share my sun caused nuttiness with you. It's hard to take care of ourselves because we're always so busy taking care of everyone else. Not sure that we'll ever be in the first position, but we deserve to at least be on the list!
Dean Neat new car and it will make the commute more enjoyable (hopefully!). Enjoy that coffee.
rmcjaug Welcome! Sounds like you're making great progress. Don't think anyone on here is on Ideal Protein, but there are other threads devoted to the plan.
Terra 3 hours in the mall would definitely count as a walk for me. Heck, it would count as a marathon.

Finally got the taco salad fixed, and it was great and very low in calories. The house is in desperate need of cleaning, so that's going to happen today and then hit the yard when it's had a chance to dry out a little tomorrow. Love the days getting longer and warm weather coming. Hate all the spring cleaning work in the house and yard that's associated with it. Oh well, I need to look on it as good exercise, something that I struggled horribly doing a year ago, and items that can come off the to do list. Have a great day everyone.

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