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Originally Posted by df180 View Post
I'm not trying to complain, losing is better than gaining...but it's been over a month and I've only lost about 5lbs. My scale says I'm 220.

I'm doing everything right (I think) I count my calories, eat around 1300 a day (no more than 1500) I workout often (3-4 times a week of walking a 2 hour route) could it be my workouts aren't burning as many calories as I think they are? I notice changes in my body, could the weight be muscles?

I don't have any other theories. Is there is anything I can do to speed things up?

The most likely answer is usually the correct one. You're probably just retaining water.

Having said that, if you've been dieting for a while without a break you may want to take one. I had a lot of success taking two week breaks every couple months.
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