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Dott Glad to hear your training is going well. Did you meet your new friend through hiking? I see the same people in the gym every day, but not sure that we'd have anything in common if we did actually speak! Great that your boyfriend is being supportive, that must be a big help Last time I lost a bit of weight, a friend said she could see it in my face. I can never tell though. Did you say you got a $120 dress for $9.99?!!! Can't wait to see the pics!! Good luck with the concert.

Rie Can you read the ingredients on the lemon tea? It's probably tanked full of aspartame and / or acesulfame K if it seems really sweet, both are virtually zero calorie, but pretty nasty in terms of what the chemicals do to your brain and cravings. It'll be the same as Diet Coke in that aspect, very low calorie but not in any way nutritious. Good old M&S do a raspberry Rooibos in the UK that I'm addicted to. It's not got added sweeteners or sugar, so I figure it's a pretty guilt free treat. If you can find cold drinks that are only sweetened with fruit extract this would probably be better for you.

I wish I'd grown up enough to not want to drink any more! I had too many after work on Friday, which kind of ruined my Saturday (I basically slept all day!) but I know that once I start drinking, I'll want to carry on until the early hours! Sometimes I remember to drink water in between, but not very often :/ Hope you have a fun night and the weather clears up for the picnic. It's pretty much the same here in the UK at the moment. It's impossible knowing what to wear!

Talking of knowing what to wear, I actually think my clothes are beginning to get a little looser. I'll always put it down to fabric stretching, or my buying clothes that were generous in the first place, but it's happening so much now that I think I have to admit I'm getting a little slimmer! It's a strange feeling though, as I've basically been the same size my adult life. The thought of perhaps having to replace clothes that I like, but that are too big is a bit scary! Has anyone else had to change their wardrobe quite a bit as a result of weight loss? I'd like to know how it felt

Well I managed to complete my phase 1 exercise! I just could not make myself go out for a run on Saturday, but I managed to force myself out on Sunday morning before training, then discovered that I had 5 hours training rather than the 3 I was expecting. Boy, was I tired when I got home. I'm determined to complete my nutrition for this week too. Like Rie says, it's the easiest thing! No excuses

I'm going to try and plan my meals for the week and go shopping this evening. I find it sooo hard planning in advance. It takes me so long! I'm not sure why. My mind just goes blank as soon as I sit down to make a shopping list. How do you guys plan your food shopping?
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