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We are our own worst critics! We are conditioned to automatically look for our flaws, which is such a shame.

Take a moment to think about what you see whenever you look at photos of a friend or a loved one. Do you focus in on their balding head? Do you scrutinize every little bump or wrinkle on their face? Do you criticize their outfits or scrutinize their body shapes? No? Do you expect any of your friends and family to do the same to you? Why do we even do this to ourselves?

Loved ones see the real you whenever they see you in person. Any photo taken of you is literally just a two-dimensional snapshot in time of the you that they love. They're not internally comparing that snapshot to who you used to be or who you think you should be. What they do notice is your smile, the way your eyes light up, the way your personality comes through.

My mother was one of those that was ashamed of her weight and constantly hid from the camera because of it. She passed away not long after I turned 20. Where does that leave me now? I barely have any photos of her, let alone photos of her and I together, and it's sad. Which is why I'm making sure I take plenty of photos of my son and I together; regardless of how I feel about myself, he deserves to get some of these memories preserved.

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