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Hi Rachie,

You don't know how to eat healthy, you could do worse than read my blog in the link below. I am not saying you do everything i do since i don't eat much meat but when it comes to cooking, vegies, balanced nutrition, and a few other useful tips and things along the way, you could learn a lot that you could incorporate into whatever you decide to do.

One thing i would point out though that is perhaps less than idea for you is that i do not do exercise as a significant part of my weightloss plan. I will do it later. But i have found i can't sustain it and when i stop everything falls apart so that's why i've left it out this time.

If you can do a little bit of exercise from time to time its better. I do gardening. Walking is fine. You don't need to become a gym junkie to take up running in a hurry.

Exercise helps weightloss in many ways but they say that the ratio of diet to exercise should be about 80% to 20%. A lot of people get into a mess because they start to depend on the exercise alone for weightloss.

When i first read about the SBD i didn't realise it was a low carb diet. I don't know how i missed that so i liked the sound of it. Actually there are things about it that i do like but i personally would not go low carb. But i think talk about it in my blog too.

Good luck.
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