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One question, is your smoothie a juice with or without the fibre. I mean do you lose half the body of here food in it. If so you are doing more damage than good with such a drink.

Juices give you concentrated calories. Yes you get vitamins and probably minerals but you don't get the fibre and lots of other ingredients that belong in a whole fruit or vegetable.

So the concentrated calories mean that your body digests this all very very quickly and so you will be hungry in no time.

Give up the idea of cleansing. Its a complete myth. Detox has no scientific basis whatsoever. Its pseudo science.

But if you want to get over your carb binge, it can help to fast for a short period of time. Personally i've not really been able to do that unless i'm in the right frame of mind. I used a fast at the beginning of this diet. A one day water fast. It was bloody hard and i think i talk about that in my blog post.

I think you can get over your carb binge quite easily and quickly, if you just banish everything that is a problem food for you for a little while. And when you appetite settles down you can bring back some of them.

But i think a lot of the success even then, as for any diet, is about what's going on in your mind. Its like quitting cigarettes. I don't know if you've ever done that but i have realised that there is a great deal in common between quitting cigarettes forever successfully and successful weight loss. Because i have observed these parallels, i've decided to quit refined sugars pretty much forever except on rare occasions when i think the risk is worth while.

However, back to my point, you have to build up mental resolve. I write about that in my blog i think, near the beginning. And you have to build up commitment. that's all mental. And it means that when a temptations comes your way, you must be willing to overcome it and find a better solution. With each little success confidence grows and so does commitment.

After a little while of going without binging on your problem foods, or even eating them as is the case with me and sweets, you will lose your appetite for them. I am not sure if that's the case with pasta but if you are a meat eater anyway, i am sure you will be fine. I don't eat much meat so i need pasta. But then its never been problem for me.

Maybe it would have if i didn't always give into my sweet tooth instead. I don't know.

Anyway make your food nutritious and healthy and satisfying. Watch your salt intake, fibre intake and try to get protein into each meal. Salt's mainly an issue with processed foods so if you can avoid those you will not have a salt problem to worry about.

Good luck.
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