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Originally Posted by KitKat85 View Post
So, it has been ....10 years since I have gained 30 lbs and tried to take it off. It's sad to say that I have not been very successful. I have been able to lose 1-2 lbs here and there, but nothing major. It always goes up again.

No matter what, I WILL lose weight this year. I don't feel good. I feel sluggish. I don't have the energy. My clothes do not fit right. AHHHHHH!!!!!

Okay, so here is the plan. If you see fit, please give me suggestion or support. I am planning to lose the darn 30 lbs before summer ends. I want to lose 6 lbs per month. That is about 1-2 lbs per week. That will take me about 5 months until August!!!!

Plan for this week to jumpstart weight loss:


--------- Breakfast ---------- Lunch ------------ Hours of Walking

Mon---- Green Smoothie---- Green Smoothie---- 2
Tues---- Green Smoothie---- Green Smoothie---- 1
Wed---- Green Smoothie---- Green Smoothie---- 2
Thurs---- Green Smoothie---- Green Smoothie---- 1
Fri---- Green Smoothie---- Green Smoothie---- 1
Sat---- ---------------------- ---------------------- 2
Sun---- ---------------------- ----------------------- REST

So, my plan is to eat a normal portioned dinner.

Kitkat, I have to agree with wannabe. Diets like these don't work. You simply can't keep this up for five months. They lack nutrition and satisfaction. I'm sorry you have chosen to climb the bigger mountain if you continue this way.

If you only need to lose 6 pounds a month you can do that quite easily. Trust me its about what i've been doing since January, though i haven't really gone back to check. But you can see if you look at my profile and tracker.

You can see how i did it if you read my blog in my signature.

But that's quite a lot of boring reading you probably won't want to do. Besides i don't expect we'd eat the same foods. However there are some generals principles and ideas you can pick up on if you skim through it.

You may not want to count calories and going by your plan, you probably don't want to. I understand. Its a long tiresome process from what i've seen. It must have been **** before everyone got on the internet. I don't count calories very much but i do base my intake on calorie counting and i check on it occasionally to make sure i'm more or less on target. The scales give me the bottom line but i am not emotionally at the mercy of the scales so long as i know i am eating right. (scales go up and down every day for a number of good reasons. You need to learn how to understand those fluctuations in order to not be upset by them. )

Someone wrote a post here somewhere which had a helpful comment that they register their weight every day and average them at the end of the week and consider that their actual gain or loss. I'd say that's probably a pretty good system if you do not understand the daily ups and downs of the scales.

I wish you success ask you consider easier options for weight loss.
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