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Hey, I'm sorry about your breakup but I'm sure you both did what was best for you.

As you can see from my starting/current weight, I'm not a shining endorsement for how to control bingeing, but I still wanted to add my two cents worth on what's been helping me when I feel like eating beyond reason.

For me it's distraction. When I feel like eating, I just need some way to keep my hands occupied for a while. I'm hugely into computer gaming, so I'll just start up my game and it'll make me forget about food for as long as I play. Even little games like facebook tetris and candy crush help me with this. As long as I keep myself occupied for about 15-20 minutes, I don't feel like eating so much anymore.

Otherwise I go out for a smoke (I don't endorse this at all, though. It makes it a lot worse when I don't have a cigarette on hand. Plus it's bad for health)
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