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I wasn't always so self conscious. I had accepted myself and that I wouldn't look great in pictures, but I looked happy and most of the time they weren't too terrible so it was ok. As long as I looked decent and not very revealing or cheap, I was fine with being the fat one. But a few months I had gone on a trip to a beach resort with three of my girlfriends and one of their boyfriends who had come along (we're all good friends, though I've only met the boyfriend a couple of times). There was a picture of me, one of my other overweight friends and the guy which was put on facebook. We were in swimsuits since we had just come out of the ocean. It wasn't a totally terrible picture, certainly not flattering either, but I was still ok with it. One day later I happened to be flipping through the album, and one of this guy's random friends (note, I don't know any of this guy's friends and they don't know me) had commented saying something along the lines of, "How are you going to manage them both, man? They're HUGE!" and there was a string of comments from his friends saying lol and haha, etc etc.

I untagged myself immediately and removed it from my timeline. That was totally humiliating, knowing that absolute strangers were looking at my picture and making fun of my weight. I always keep my pictures private so they're only veiwable by my immediate friends, and none of my friends have ever made fun my of weight that way.

Now I'm so worried about who will see my pictures. I overanalyze every bump and as a result I hate the way I look in pictures (not just my body but my face too), but I love travelling and I adore looking at pictures of the places I've been, so usually I just bite the bullet, suck in my stomach, try to stand half behind someone and get the pictures taken. I usually take LOADS of pictures when I'm travelling. Then when I return home load them all on my computer and go through them with a fine toothed comb. Only the ones that I deem viewable will go onto social media. Normally this ends up being 7-8 out of about 150 (on a good day) of me, and the rest will be scenery or other people.

My profile pictures and cover picture on facebook are usually of me from a bit of a distance.

Sorry, I didn't mean to make the post into a sob story, but it's sad how much something small like that can affect someone so much that their entire attitude towards pictures changes.
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