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Ladies, I apologize- I thought everyone left this thread for the weekend, hence why I didn't post. I am not feeling very good- I think I have bronchitis- going to the Walk In tomorrow to find out. I am still eating on plan, just a bit tired the last few days, now I know why. When I get quiet, that means I am coming down with something. For me to not want to go swimming the last four days- that should have told my family I was coming down with something, as that is my one favorite thing to do in the world.

Trish- so proud of your progress- love that your sugar levels have come down so much- wow! Sorry to hear about your constipation issues- I had the same issue with Atkins, by the fourth day, I couldn't even look at protein. I envy folks that can do it, but my body says no way, now how. The psyllium husks did nothing for me, either- tried those the last two times I attempted it- nothing changed. I know it works for others, though- good for them.

Pattience- lentil soup sounds good right about now! Just too tired to make it. I'm having hubby finish making the spaghetti and meatballs right now- I mixed up the ingredients for the meatballs, all he had to do was add the hamburger and roll them. He'll be cooking the pasta soon, I suppose I better make my butter/garlic mixture for garlic bread.

I'll try to post again later. So sorry, I didn't mean to abandon anyone. I'm glad you're both still here!

aleka, where are you? I hope everything's ok!

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