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I am calling my challenge the "Just One" Challenge. Meaning that after lunch I will have just one square of dark chocolate, and after dinner I will have just one dark chocolate truffle.

Day 1 - 3/29 Just one
Day 2 - 3/30 Just one - turned down DH's well-meaning idea to go get ice cream and told him about the challenge. He immediately said he would support me in beating the challenge. First small victory!
Day 3 - 3/31 Just one - As proof that one good habit naturally begets others, chose a side salad with dinner rather than the chips. Small changes will make a difference for me.
Day 4 - 4/01 Just one. Thank you for your encouragement, Diana. What I appreciate about this challenge is that it is not about a number on the scale. I do not want my mood or self worth to be determined by daily weight fluctuations. Instead, I just want to feel good, be able to fit into my clothes, and establish better daily choices. This challenge is pushing me do that.
4/02 PAUSE. I should not have underestimated how challenging this would be. I have forged a strong association between lentil soup and peanut butter. Weird, I know. But I had lentil soup and out came the peanut butter.
Day 5 - 4/03 Just one. Picking myself up from my stumble and making a better choice today.
Day 6 - 4/04 Just one. Velvet Bean, "Even God took a day off" is my new mantra!
Day 7 - 4/05 Just one. "Just one" could be any sweet, not just dark chocolate, as long as it is the only one sweet after lunch and after dinner. Today I did not feel good about my choice of sweet, but I did keep it to just one, which in my world is still a victory.

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