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Well I don't like photos of myself either. I am not photogenic and look better in person really. The thing that I've realized though, is how extra hard on myself I am. I recently reviewed some old pictures from several years ago, when I was thinner. At the time, I wasn't pleased with how I looked in real life or in photos- I still thought I needed to lose about 15 more pounds and I dwelled excessively on "problem" areas (legs/arms especially looked chubby to me).

Now when I see those photos I can't believe how pretty I looked: fit and "glowy." I look like a whole different person. But then, like I said, I zeroed in on the fact that I am not photogenic, need to lose a few, etc. In current pictures of course I can see all the added weight and how tired and drained I am because of it, but I think too, once again I am being my own harshest critic.

So maybe just give yourself a lot more love. Other people who see those pictures probably aren't going to be anywhere near as critical as you are!! Just remember that. It has helped me go from being completely camera phobic (since 5th grade when I had a REALLY bad school pic) to being more meh about the whole thing. In 20, 30, 40 + years I guarantee you will not think, "Ew I looked so awful." Instead you will recall fondly your youth and vigor!
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