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Default Having photos taken

I have mentioned before that the turning point for me, weight wise, was seeing me in a photo. It was hideous and I was shocked/appalled. Some how in my head, though I knew the scale read higher than it used to, I wasn't fat. I was maybe a little "fluffy" but not bad. But it was bad. It was awful. I was so embarrassed.

The problem is that now, I am hyper-sensitive to having my photo taken. Even though I have lost weight (and regained, and lost again) I haaaaaate having my photo taken now. I fear seeing another hideous shock photo again. When I do get my photo taken I often take the first opportunity to delete it off the digital media. Once in awhile I get a photo that I'm like "whew that one is ok." But that's rather rare.

It's kind of sad really because we have all these lovely photos of places we've been and my DH, and friends and family etc...and I am rarely in them. I don't like that, but I feel so unattractive. I usually shrug it off and say "I'm the photographer!"

Am I alone in this? Can anyone offer any advice on how you got over something like this? Do I just need to bite the bullet so to speak and accept that there will be photos of me looking however I look whether I like it or not?
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