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Originally Posted by hhm6 View Post
Pattience-I know you mentioned this to me on a different thread. I have a similar problem to the OP, in that I'm slow now when it comes to losing, but 1300 is still a deficit so she should still be losing right? I've read that the starvation mode or metabolic adaptation is a myth, so it seems counter productive to me to increase calories. Is it just to trick your body?

OP-I've lost 2lbs in the last month and it's driving me crazy! I do cheat now and then so I can't complain much, however my cheats are still within my calorie range. I don't get it either! Here's hoping something changes for us soon!

Oh and I would definitely take measurements!

him, i thought Koshka's post was going to clarify what might be going on but it didn't.

The thing is if she's eating 1300 calories per day and burning nearly 600 calories per day in exercise, she's only got 700 calories for her body to use for all its tissue repair type functions. Its unlikely she would be building muscle if her calories are this low. She's probably burning muscle.

But i think aspects of her body must be not functioning well at the moment if she is only eating so few calories. And this could be why she is not losing weight faster.

I read a fairly good article on it not so long ago but i don't know where. If you good enough you will find an explanation. Ignore the sites and articles where people simply states its a myth and look for articles that actually try to explain something about the processes involved.

If you can find a good explanation of what goes on, it will give you the incentive to override, the misconception you operate under.

But all i can say again and again, i've been losing at a steady rate with a much higher calorie intake since January. In fact i need to slow it down a bit because i don't want to experience any rebound. But i actually feel quite ooh at the weight i am at now. if i was still around 200, i would be definitely considering increasing my calories for better results.
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