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Originally Posted by CalCounter1003 View Post
1bighog, wow, she's very pressuring. And it's especially awkward since it's your boss. Is it your company she wants? Or she doesn't like to eat alone? Idk but you could suggest going to your house. Although then what would you serve her! Plus you'd have to clean up! It's quite a dilemma! Is there no one else as fun as you for her to go with!!?!?
She doesn't like to eat by herself! That's really all it is. I mean, we're friends and all...we travel together, we hang out at her house, we grab drinks together, but we're not super best friends enough to eat lunch out twice a week together! The business is extremely busy from 3:30pm-9:30pm. The day time is slow (we cater to children, so after school time is peak), so it's usually just her & me working. And since she works til 10pm every night, lunch is her biggest meal of the day. I don't have her same schedule, though.
Originally Posted by SeeMyFeet View Post
1BigHog: Hey, it's your BOSS! Golden Opportunity: "Sorry I would absolutely love to go to lunch with you every day, but I just don't make enough money to justify that extra expense, and I'll have to make up the extra time by working late." hint hint.....oops....just read your latest post.....You're in a tough position ! Your boss is not getting any of your not-so-subtle hints, she sounds needy, and is setting herself up for a somewhat public rejection. Next comes anger and ostracism, and for the sake of harmony in the workplace, you should try to prevent that. I would suggest offering up a substitute activity. Workouts after work? Lunchtime walks? (personally, I would not divulge dieting strategies--you'll just open yourself up to criticism.) Congrats on your "dry spell"! I'm 126 days alcohol free myself!
Thanks for the tips! What kills me about the whole thing is that she used to be a huge fitness person. On top of owning the business and working a lot of hours, she also used to teach fitness classes at a local gym during the summer. Well, a few years ago, her business just got too big (and stressful) and she had to give up the fitness classes...and she's gained a ton of weight since then. She is always saying, "I need to lose weight, I know what I need to do, I just don't have time to do it," so you think she'd be more encouraging to me on my weight loss journey. She is a needy person. She won't go for lunchtime walks; lunch is her only real meal of the day. (The business is a gymnastics facility; she coaches classes from 3:30pm-9:30pm with no breaks.)

She's not the type of person to get angry if I say no, though. She won't take it out on me. I've just got to be more firm than I want to be with her and after a few times of me really sticking to my guns, I think she'll drop it.

That's amazing on the 126 days alcohol-free! I really don't think (and don't really plan!) to fast from alcohol that long. It just kind of ended up happening here.

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