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Catching up...

NewKate--what kind of hypnosis app? I am also highly skeptical, but I've actually considered trying this. I decided against hypnosis tapes at bedtime because it would keep hubs awake, so I settled on a falling rain audio to help me sleep. Hubs gave me new earbuds (pink ones!) for Christmas, and I use them at work to listen to alpha waves. Not sure if that helps my brain focus, but it does help keep out the chatter!

1BigHog: Hey, it's your BOSS! Golden Opportunity: "Sorry I would absolutely love to go to lunch with you every day, but I just don't make enough money to justify that extra expense, and I'll have to make up the extra time by working late." hint hint.....oops....just read your latest post.....You're in a tough position ! Your boss is not getting any of your not-so-subtle hints, she sounds needy, and is setting herself up for a somewhat public rejection. Next comes anger and ostracism, and for the sake of harmony in the workplace, you should try to prevent that. I would suggest offering up a substitute activity. Workouts after work? Lunchtime walks? (personally, I would not divulge dieting strategies--you'll just open yourself up to criticism.) Congrats on your "dry spell"! I'm 126 days alcohol free myself!

Dang! Paisleymama! You're dropping it like it's hot!

1030cals (average) for Jan,
1062 for Feb,
1090 for March...and the rate of weight loss keeps slowing and slowing.. stranded on a barren island, I'd probably gain weight....

900 cals yesterday,
662 cals Thu,
1499 cals (Gaw!) Wed (cereal for breakfast and dinner)
906 cals Tue
462 cals Mon (no time to eat!)

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