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Just popping in to say hi. Hope you all have a good day. We are about to get ready to go to a "nontraditional wedding", whatever that means I have no clue, except no gifts. We gave to a charity in their name.

I lost a little over 6 oz this week. Very slow but then I'm still eating in the evenings. Otherwise doing well

ETA: The wedding was so wonderful...I think I enjoyed it more than any I've attended including (for sure) my own and my children's! And it was so simple...they had a Old Time Gospel quartet that started it off with singing medley, then a simple exchange of vows, Biblical instruction and blessing, then more by the quartet...wonderful music and my most favorite genre. There was no walking down the aisle by the bride in the beginning, they sat together in the front row and stood up when it was time. The groom went to stand by the pastor, the bride stood with her children and her son gave her away. And at the end the pastor had the husband and wife walk down the aisle, greeting and shaking hands as they went. This was all followed by simple but yummy refreshments in another building on the church property. There were lots of people we knew both from our military association and also our church even though it was in another church. I told the Gospel quartet I'd like them to sing at my funeral...only trouble is they aren't much younger than I! And I think I have a few years left in me, of course we never know that really and I'm ready to go when God calls anytime.

I wore one of the skirts I bought a few weeks ago and a top I bought yesterday. I managed to find some shoes already in my closet that matched. It was fun to dress up a little but it was nothing but what I might wear to church too. We came home to change as my shoes are rather flimsy and it is wet, and then we are going out again for groceries...we've been putting off the grocery shopping for a few days now.

My eating so far today: not healthy but I tried to keep it to the proper proportions at least.
PB mocha frappe - carb, protein and fat

banana filled cake (not sure what kind of cake it was...maybe spice but not very spicy but very very good!) - carb
handful of mixed nuts - protein and fat

ETA: LOL I just noticed in yesterday's post I said I was going to a funeral...NO, a wedding!

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