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Good Afternoon!
I am having a great day. The sun is shinnng!!! We went for a walk at the state park and bought fresh produce. Now I have to continue to work on Mount Washmore.
Silent I want to shake you and hug you! HELLO we've all been/are there. I lost weight and now my knee is being a pain. I yo yo does that make me a fraud? Come on we are all in this together. When is your birthday? I hope we will be having a party! You are all so important to me. I know my social life sucks but not on here. I can be chatty patty and I can't see anyone roll their eyes! We can all do this but yes it is going to take time. Silent you are awesome!
Betsy I don't think you are rationalizing your behavior. We are learning. My kids always whine about how they don't know how to do things in school. I tell them too loudly "That is what you are going to school for!" To be honest I think we have screwed up bodies at 300+ and what works for others does not work for us and we have to figure it out. Get those colors out and lets aim for some stripes to start out with. Wild Woman is so happy to be back!
Jane I love stupid energy! I hope it is ketosis. Wait, it is possible to cook without eating?
Sam I know what you mean about everyone on here! I am so amazed at all your exercise. Keep it up shrinking woman!
Fi The Cookie Conqueror! Now you are a super hero! So happy for you!
Locke I hope you are having a better day! Keep posting it helps.
Dean hope you are having a great weekend. You broke me down. I went back to my delish coffee. Our budget is going to have to be cut else where.
Have a peaceful day!
1st time around lost down to 248. Hunger and cravings came back with a vengeance.
Restart Dec. 2016 at 315, with Intermittent Fasting got down to 235 by mid August, 2017.
Restart again New Years 2018 at 263.
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