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kailpea-I think taking a break from the scale every so often is very helpful. Especially bc its important to know for yourself that you will continue to make good decisions without the scale there dictating your life. Great job getting past phase 3 exercise! For the C25k, I think speed comes with time and maybe just redo week 3 instead of starting over again. Its so funny, I go back and forth for which I think is easier, nutrition or exercise Right now exercise is easier, but nutrition had been way easier for a while! haha

silverfire-omg lol that must have been an awkward yoga session!

themilesawaygirl-Yay glad you guys won! I'm not sure if this will be recorded…I just got the recording back from my last one(lent it to a friend, and the other one I gave to my dad and he lost it >_<) so I'm hoping to put it up this weekend. Good luck getting your water in!

Rie-Regarding the lemon tea-I think if it has no sugar then that is a start getting away from coke! I know how much you love coke, so finding a sub even if its not perfectly healthy is a great start. I hope your picnic and night out were fun As far as the junk food goes, have you had a heart to heart talk with your boyfriend about your goals and ways he can help you? Things have been so much better since I was really honest with my boyfriend and he's been helping me stay on track a lot. I know I felt a little embarrassed and weak doing it, but I'm glad I did. You're doing great with the exercise! I think I might prefer performing with an orchestra. A very famous pianist I admire, Martha Argerich once said that she finds being on the stage by herself lonely and that's why she only performed concertos or chamber music. I still like soloing, but there's something exciting about working with an orchestra! I finally got my dvd back after lending it to a friend of the last concert(I lent one to my dad to put online and he immediately lost it >_<) so now I should be able to upload it soon!

Things are going great here I did my strength routine twice this week, already did my hike. I made a new friend who's very athletic and we went together. She's into volleyball, basketball, and weight lifting, and so I was afraid she would be much faster with me, but no! I set the pace(3.5 mph) and she huffed a little to keep up but still kept up really well. It's great that I've found someone close to me who likes to go fast We did 3.8 miles in 65 min.

I've been super on plan since having my scale taken away. I realized that I'm afraid of gaining weight without my scale here to check, so its keeping me more in line! Plus my boyfriend is being super supportive. I think my face is looking a little slimmer? Not sure Me and the girl I'm performing with tomorrow got matching dresses, they're really nice and we got them on sale for $9.99 when they were originally $120! I'll post pics after the concert.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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