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In my before diabetes life I did just "cut down" on "bad" food but I was always wheeling and dealing with myself (weight watcher points) until I got to the point where I was not only hungry but tired of fighting the good fight. I gave up for many years, decided someone has to be fat so it may as well be me. A martyr for the cause LOL.

After I was dx'd last year I had to take stock and found out I didn't much like the odds. I researched (my doctor was useless- um try to limit sweets... really???) and found that low carb would help bring my blood sugar down. More research and I found that removing wheat from my diet would help to reduce inflamation (high blood sugar creates inflamation in your body and leads to the diabetic complications) it only made sense to cut as much inflamation as I could. Exercise also lowers blood sugar (in the long run - during exercise it is not unusual to see a rise) so I added that in. This is the first time in my life that I am making choices, not to look good or to be skinny, but to be healthy. and that has been the difference and the reason that I've stayed on plan since May. I have great subs for the brownie or the pizza now but because the carbs are low they don't trigger binge eating for me.


a reminder from myself...
I have to fight the tendency of stinkin' thinkin' to give up because I'm not progressing. As long as I am still moving and watching what I put in my mouth then I am progressing no matter what the scale says.
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