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Default OA newcomer food plan question

Hello fellow OA members. I went to my first amazing meeting last Saturday and I'm really hoping this will help me get out of this nightmare that has been my eating disorder, which has been getting increasingly worse over the last 27 years. Yikes, I never really thought about it but that's a long time.

My sponsor has been incredibly supportive and he's a fundamentalist when it comes to following the steps and using the tools. When it comes to food plan, he wants me to plan in advance what I will have that day. Only 3 meals and life in between, meaning no snacks. I don't recall ever being able to eat this way. I would rather eat smaller meals and small snacks over the course of the day, which could be the addict me speaking.

For breakfast, he wants me to eat 1 cup of oats mixed with water, 1 banana and some cinnamon. That is almost 500 calories. He doesn't want me to count calories and I think that's great if I"m going to maintain but trying to lose makes it really tough.

For lunch and dinner, 6 oz. of protein with some sides of my choice. I don't eat anything with sugar or flour and that has been incredibly helpful so far.

So....I don't want to binge as long as I can have my snacks which I plan and they're healthy...but eating 3 meals a day makes me crazy with cravings and obsessed.

Any advice/input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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