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Originally Posted by Pattience View Post
1300 is ridiculously low for your height weight and activity level. Eat more. If you don't, you will probably fail at this.

I have been saying over and over and over again, all you have to do is eat a bit less than your maintenance calories to lose weight at a good pace and consistently without stress or hunger. Use an online calorie calculator and say you want to lose half a pound a week. You will lose faster than that but you will likely find the going much easier.

Then when your weight loss stalls after a while, as it will, reduce your calories a little bit more. I started at 1650 and am now doing 1400.
Pattience-I know you mentioned this to me on a different thread. I have a similar problem to the OP, in that I'm slow now when it comes to losing, but 1300 is still a deficit so she should still be losing right? I've read that the starvation mode or metabolic adaptation is a myth, so it seems counter productive to me to increase calories. Is it just to trick your body?

OP-I've lost 2lbs in the last month and it's driving me crazy! I do cheat now and then so I can't complain much, however my cheats are still within my calorie range. I don't get it either! Here's hoping something changes for us soon!

Oh and I would definitely take measurements!

Starting measurements
8/23/12--->42-37-45 (200lbs)
10/4/12--->41-37-44 (190lbs)
4/09/13--->40-36-42 (180lbs)
5/18/13--->40-34-42 (170lbs)
3/01/14--->40-34-42 (170lbs)
9/15/14--- (173lbs)
1/8/15---> 40-35-43 (179lbs)
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