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Hi everyone I spent a very quiet day.. I seemed to be tired all day. Steve finally got a chance to go to his cabin. He and a friend left early this am and got home about 5pm happy and tired. Its the first trip hes been able to take out there in over a yr becuz of health issues.. I was really happy for him.. and yes he does have his moments and so hes a keeper
Bobbie I do use the wheel chair in the craft room without the leg rests,the chair was put together for my size and hgt,so its comfortable so steve measured the tables so the chair would fit under the tables. I haven't used the wc for yrs now but since I had it and it worked decided we didn't need to buy one a sp chair to use in the craft rm.By the way your new furbaby is so cute. Maryea I order clothes on line and then hate having to send them back,i have not worn a dress in yrs but just got a long flowy skirt,a print in dr blues and purpls,a white top,and a dk blue cardigan,and I have apair of black flats..its my easter outfit minus the hat. I remember when I was a kid we all got perms,new dresses and shoes and gloves and hats to wear to church easter sunday
K31 im cont to pray for you and Tim,what terrible news to hear sending (((hugs))) and know we are here for you.
Glynne Im so happy that you were able to retire,can you get ss on a disability? It sure helped our budget when I started to collect.Jess sorry you got snow,it sure has been weird weather patterns this yr,
and good wishes for all I missed,hoping your weekend is lo calorie ttfn rosey

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