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Glad to see lots of posts today! I've been busy again housework done again...been packing away seasonal clothes and actually more just too many clothes. Giving away a lot. I have lots, dh has even more! My excuse is that I change clothes too often and keep them just in case...dh has no excuse because he can easily fit almost everything. Of course he rarely bought clothes when he was younger and I was the big spender so I understand and it is only fair. I did go shopping today...bought three tops trying to match a skirt i plan to wear to a funeral tomorrow. I was pleasantly surprised that I could fit into some larges! Usually I have to buy Xlg in tops. But when I got home I didn't like the large I got so wear..the outside part fits fine, but underneath is this irritating little thin cami....I is attached to the top and gets all twisted up and I spend way too much time trying to figure out how to put it on! I'm going to dig through my stuff and see if I can find another white cami, or may even buy one to wear with it if I keep it. At least it fits. All of them could go with the skirt I'm wearing to a wedding tomorrow, but I have a feeling I'll settle on the black as usual. I bought some brown sandals thinking they would go with the skirt, but realize now they are too casual, but think I will keep them because they fit pretty well and I have trouble finding sandals that fit. Also got a manicure and pedicure (because of the sandals!), and came home and immediately took off the flip-flops and put on some shoes and ruined two nails!! Grrrr...I also got my hair cut again and am not yet sure whether I like it. Am I having a bad day...naw...I mean I did get a subway footlong for only $5! I had the first one for lunch and we are sharing the second part tonight for dinner. So no cooking tonight again!

Lynn - was it you that said Capt Phillips was good? We finally watched it last night and really liked it! I often don't care for movies these days so glad to find one I liked.

PB mocha frappe - protein, carb and fat

turkey and ham subway - protein, carb and fat

Glynne - Glad things are working out ok with not working. You sound less stressed and more peaceful? Although I know you still have the family issues but they are always there it seems with us all.

Karen31 - How is Tim taking all this...I know it is must be very hard for both of you esp since it seems like it's all happened pretty fast. How suddenly life can continuing to pray for your both.

Cana - I started at 12 but ended it with surgery for another issue. BUT, I continue to have hot flashes at age isn't always fair about these things..

Jess - for your sake only I wish June would come soon as I do so want you to be get over this terrible pain!

Rosey - So happy that you have your craft room. Hang onto that man...he may get cranky at times (so do I!) but he's handy and a definite keeper I believe!

Bobbi - Almost forgot you...sorry...snow in April...that's just not right surely! It's a bit chilly here but the rain has stopped at least temporarily and we are having sunshine. going to a wedding tomorrow and sounds like it will be a lovely day for it. A few days ago it was pouring though so you never know.

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