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Thank you for all of your kind words!

Snickers is my best friend, sweet, curious, friendly and very loving. It's nice because he has really come out of his shell, when I first bought him he was skittish and scared, now we cuddle watching TV every night. Sometimes he falls asleep on my shoulder and is so completely relaxed, it's adorable. I always look forward to seeing him when I come home and his trick is that he comes to the corner of his cage when I give him a treat, smart Snick!!

Glue, thank you so much. I miss Cashmere, my hammie but I know that I loved her and took good care of her. I still have her ashes. That's interesting about the pellets, I always give Snickers pellets but that's interesting about them making animals chubby. Thanks.

Mara, thanks!! I love him!

Locke, good idea, I do give more veggies than fruit, I appreciate the advice.


Amy and Snickers!!!
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