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Hi friends, I to have had enough. I am older than all of you I'm sure. I've lost weight countless times , last time was 6 yrs. ago. Then gained it back. ( stupid thing to do I know.) But that's the story of my life LOL. I recently came to the realization that I had to put a stop to this weight gaining. So I pulled out an older Weight Watcher program I used before 6 yr.s ago and lost 93 pounds on. Started it 2 weeks ago. Lost 8 pounds now. I have health issues and I know the weight has not helped me. Weighed in at 253 when I started. It definitely has to be done. I can't walk far because I can't breath. I get tired easily, exercise is nearly out of the question at this point. My asthma has gotten worse with the weight and lack of exercise, so I am in a pickle LOL. But I am looking ahead and hope to loose and get more fit. I need to do this. I think I hear all of you saying the same thing. Good luck to all of you, and you certainly can attain your goals and be happier. I know that is what I want. Bye, Lydia Mae
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