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Such a busy week!

Tuesday 1584/1600
Wednesday 1214/1600
Thursday 1452/1600

Originally Posted by CalCounter1003 View Post
Wow, this is going to be hard to get out of. He/she is definitely pushing you. Maybe you can think of a place that lists the calories, or you can find them online, and suggest you go there once or twice a week. Give a tear breaker speech about how you have to stick to this and it is very hard but if you don't, well, I don't know what if you don't stick to it. I'm a teacher and we don't ever go out, no time. I hate that, but reading your problem here makes me thankful. I eat lunch out most weekend days because I'm so sick of my packed lunch 180 days a year!
Ugh, she got to me yesterday! I left an opening for her, though...I need to work on the right thing to say! You think "no" would suffice....

On Thursday she kept asking me what I can eat. I told her I can eat anything I want, but I'm staying away from eating out in particular, watching carbs and sugar, etc. So this was our conversation:

Boss: You can get a salad.
Me: No, I really don't want to pay $10 for lettuce.
Boss: Can you get a burger patty without the bread?
Me: I don't like red meat.
Boss: Fish?
Me, thinking yeah right we're going to eat fish for lunch: Yeah, I love fish.
Boss: Great! Let's go to Ruby Tuesday. I'll see you there in 5.

I went and I had the grilled salmon, grilled zucchini, and roasted spaghetti squash, 3 glasses of water, and skipped the bread for 425 calories. And $20 after tax & tip.

My plan for next week is to pack my lunch and take it to work. I HATE to do this because it's one more thing I'll have to do in the morning before leaving the house, plus I only live 5 minutes from work and I'd rather eat at home than sit up there at work, but if she sees me with food then maybe she won't pressure me so hard.

Other than that, I am 3 weeks alcohol & soda free! I haven't weighed myself this week. I worked out twice on Monday & today (Friday), and once Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. I have a very busy weekend of work coming up so no workouts planned. On Monday, I am thinking of dropping my daily calorie goal from 1600 to 1500.
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