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Want to feel better
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Good afternoon GG's,

It is a beautiful sunny day here today. Hot inside while working around in the house ~ a fan helps when you are just sitting, but while working around, hot, sticky, sweaty. Makes me want to turn on the AC. Today though, it is only 64 outside, so I opened up the windows ~ more comfortable now to keep working around. Kitty loves it too ~ she gets up in the windows and her little nose is working overtime ~ smelling all those “wonderful outside smells” LOL

Washed the bathroom rugs and hung them out in the sun and fresh air to dry.

On a roll ~ getting stuff done. That good old sun makes me feel good and wanting to do stuff.

Karen MO ~ it is hard to even know what to say. Sorry the news was not as we had all prayed for it to be. Not giving up ~ prayers continue. Sending many {{{{hugs}}}}.

Liana ~ glad your cramps are gone. So glad to be done with all that myself.

Bobbi ~ your little fur baby is so cute ~ remind me of his name ~ I can't recall it right now. The snow is pretty, but I don't blame you for wanting to get on with spring. This seems (in some parts of the country) like “the year of the never ending winter”.

Lucinda ~ the menu for your dinner sounds delicious.

Donna ~ Hola to you too. How are Grannymom and Samson doing? How is your hip feeling?

Rosey ~ your woman cave is beautiful. I love how it has windows to let in the sun while you work on your creations.

Carol Sue ~ you're not alone with the evening snacking troubles.

Lizzy ~ hope April is the beginning of “better” for you.

Mary ~ yes, I am keeping busy. There is plenty to do here. Catching up on all the stuff that I wasn't able to get around to while working and didn't have time to deal with it. We are doing ok even though the income is less. DH is a good planner with the finances. We live very frugally, but we had been practicing living that way for a while before I retired, so it hasn't been too painful.

Hi Tam Tam ~ hope you get a chance to relax a little somewhere along the line.

K3 ~ how are your knees doing?

Cajun ~ your Easter gathering sounds fun.

Ok, back to work now.

Hope you all are having a nice day.
One day at a time ~ never giving up!!

Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance. (From Karen31's post)

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