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Hello Coaches,

I was sick this week, and out of commission. I missed exercising on two days. But I stayed OP. Friday weigh in result: down pound. I am glad for this because I really needed the adjustment. You know how sometimes you know you’ve lost weight but the scale won’t budge? I had the opposite problem. I “lost” 5.5 pounds in the last two weeks but I know that the scale was ahead of where my body was really at. Anyway. This week I feel more securely in the 160s. Yay! Other major credit: today at work, talking with a colleague, who was eating the chocolate peanut butter girl scout cookies sitting on the conveniently place nearby ledge for public consumption. I didn’t even notice them until she asked if we could move away because she couldn’t stop eating them. They weren’t on my radar because I don’t eat snacks at all ever at work.

BBE: Heh. I’ve had to (am having to) adjust my expectations as well. I mentioned to my husband that when I am fat, as I have been for the last 15 years (by slow accumulation of 3-4 pounds per year), my figure is theoretically perfect. You know, the figure I enjoy imagining I would have if I lost weight. Possibly not so accurate. Happily, I’m more motivated by health and fitness concerns than anything else. My knees are already loads better, for example, and I can keep up (at least more so) with my girls.

Cheryl: I haven’t really looked, but I do believe there is actual medical-grade evidence for the efficacy of acupuncture. Evidence or no, all that matters is whether it works for you. I sure hope it does. For diet, I also really like having super bright lines – it helps.

Ahna: Welcome! It’s a great place. Glad to have you on board. Counting bites is a new one for me. Cool.

Tricia: Thanks for the link. The quoted part makes intuitive sense to me. Diet Power can find your metabolism?!

Onebyone: Congrats on getting it done ahead of schedule. Feels great.

6crowsgold: Well done being OP. Carry on.

Lexxiss: Glad to hear your update. It sounds like you’re in a good headspace despite some profound challenges. I hope your trip goes well.

Joy: I kind of want to read The Diet Fix. Will you give a re-cap of the advice when you have a chance. I was put off buying it because I couldn’t really figure out the direction it takes from the online reviews and samples.

Nationalparker: Well done being OP. Who cares about water retention? It’s random. I’m sorry for the drama at an already stressful time.

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