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Default Weight loss it from increasing calories once a month?

I've noticed two distinct patterns in my weight loss. I'm not just referring to now, but over the years.

The first in of course TOM. About 4-5 days after it starts, the weight loss is a whoosh. I can't even say its water weight because about a week after its over, I am about 6-10 lbs lighter. Then I may lose another pound or two. Then mid month I get a tiny gain( pound to pound and a half) for a few days which I have finally realized is ovulation. Then that will go, and I will maintain or gain a pound or two leading up to TOM. Then the pattern starts all over again.

Now I have always figured that TOM is the main reason.

But I have begun to notice a second pattern. Before TOM I definitely over eat. I'm not counting cals but I'm eating a lot of high calorie foods in larger amounts, but I'm NOT binging, I guess I'm taking in about 2500 to maybe 3000 calories a day for a few days...thank you cravings. The stall in my weight loss may be related to that and less to actual TOM. But usually a day or two before TOM my cravings switch off and I'm back to normal eating.

So I've also noticed that when I have 4-5 days off HIGH calories, but NOT binging, that when I go back to lower calories, the weight comes off fast.

Has anyone noticed a few days off what ever plan you are following (meaning you increase your calories, but NOT binging) leads to an increased weight loss when you get back on plan?

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