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My response to The Diet Fix, chapter 2, about keeping a food diary was one long "NOOOOO." I didn't realize that tracking calories was going to be part of that. Am I really going to do that after losing 70 pounds without it? Well, yes, I am. Because I'm struggling to keep it off and I believe him that this will get easier and it will be only a couple of weeks of annoying fiddly computations before I get the pattern and have the data I need to record my normal meals in seconds.

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Welcome, ahna! Many of us have worked through the books one or more times. Right now, a few of us are working through a new book with similar principles called The Diet Fix by Yoni Freedhoff. This group is especially good, though, when I'm not working through any book. It helps keep me on track and apply the principles of what I learned.

GosfordGirl: I didn't realize that the British and Australians used months instead of equinoxes / solstices to mark seasons. That clears up some confusion I've had in the past. I thought it was "by definition" that the seasons lined up with equinoxes and solstices.

BillBlueEyes: We did have an interesting 24 hours of weather, but didn't even end up in the basement, although the sirens went off a few times. The projected tracks of possible tornadoes weren't near us. We did have a piece of ceiling collapse over the steps in the middle of the night, but that doesn't appear to be the damage of just one storm -- a long-term leak that couldn't handle the several inches of rain we got. "Call the roofer" is on today's list.
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