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Dott The game went pretty well thanks, we won, just! Lots to work on as a team though, but that's what training's for. I'm ridiculously negative about myself as a player and I have to try really, really hard to control this so I don't bring the rest of the team down. I'm working on it but just cannot see the positives most of the time. The bootcamp was good too, I remembered to write some notes so hopefully learned some useful tactics and tips to take back to my team. It was amazing to skate with some of the best skaters in the world! Good call waiting until after your performance to attack a new training routine, trying to battle arm DOMS would be a terrible distraction! Hope you're looking forward to it? Will this one be recorded so we can watch too?

Hoopty Hope you're feeling better? Did you go to the doctor? Thinking of you

Rie Sounds like you had a great time for your BF's Birthday! I'm terrible at planning Birthday celebrations. It's my 30th this year and I've no idea what to do! Good on you for keeping up with the running, hope your back's feeling better for it? My BF got ill again this week, just run down cough / cold type thing. I really think he'd be in better health if I could just get him to the gym, but I've no idea how to make him go without being all dictatorial. He joined in January but hasn't been once I hope writing the e-mail to your friend helped? I don't think it's weird at all. I lost an old uni friend a few years back, and his close friends still write on his facebook wall. They still share their lives with him, challenges, joy, silly little anecdotes about nights out etc, I think it's cathartic, in a way.

Kailpea I weigh myself daily. I think I am a bit obsessive, but I don't think it's unhealthy. I use it as motivation, rather than let small fluctuations get me down. It's also interesting to work out patterns with daily changes. If it's helping you make great progress then maybe don't worry about taking a break? Congrats on sticking to your exercise goals, you're doing great! With the C25K, do what you think will motivate you the most. If you're not ready for week for, I'd try week 3 again and see if it's any easier. Remember, you're not racing against anyone but yourself. Keep pushing yourself to improve, but take things at your own pace.

Silverfire I lol'ed at your yoga dilemma! I've never got in to yoga myself. I get really bored. Maybe I've just not found the right group...

Not a lot new with me. I'm quite surprised that I haven't managed to get my water in for phase 1 of my nutrition goals. It's usually something I'm so good at! I need to remember to take a bottle in my bag for my commute to work, I'm always thirsty in the morning. I've got fruit squash at home at the moment which is so tasty, I've been having that over water a bit more than I should. It's *almost* water, but I won't count it as I want to complete this challenge properly! (It's that all-or-nothing mentality coming back again...)

I'm determined to get a run in tomorrow so I'll have completed phase 1 of my exercise goal. I really think 2 extra sessions a week is my limit, but pushing myself to stick to them is a good thing.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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