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Thumbs up Friday night

Hi Coaches

Today I walked the dogs, worked and went to a new acupuncture practitioner at the university's Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic - a lot cheaper and more accessible. I am trying to keep an open mind and quell my positivist, scientific mind set. I liked the practitioner I saw and we will have 4 sessions and reassess. I need something to reduce inflammation and pain and it might work or not.

Today was my second fast day. I have followed my plan so far and do find it easy to have no choices that won't totally wreck the day. I am enduring hunger by telling myself I can have it tomorrow if I plan for it

BillBE - Yay for spring and being able to work the soil. Hope it softens up more soon. I didn't realise that the US seasons followed the equinox and solstice for seasons - we follow the British system (months), which doesn't really work for our seasons. I have attached a diagram of what is proposed for Australia - and it more truly represents what we are experiencing now - very late summer. I like the idea of Sprinter (Winter and Spring) and Sprummer (Spring and Summer) and the longer summer which matches our experience

Onebyone - Credit for reorganising your PT sessions to something manageable. I am looking forward to getting the Diet Fix and I will know what 'reset' means! Love your ceramic figures. Huge credit for being ahead of the game with submissions of your work

Nationalparker - I am so happy that you come here and offload what is going on at the moment - it is a difficult situation to be in. Yay for skipping donuts and picking something more reasonable. My experience of chemo rooms is that they can only take so many people. It would be nice if someone can be there for his first session to take him there and home and sit with him but there is not a lot of room for a lot of people so don't feel bad if you are not there for a week. How often is he having chemo? Usually weekly or less often

Tricia - Good luck with tweaking your program. The link that 6crowsgold provided is interesting info on the science behind the 5:2 diet so maybe if you follow it up it will help you decide. I have read the info on intermittent fasting for some time but didn't realise it had such an impact on cholesterol, triglycerides and ldl. Worth looking at the recording. Thanks for the link to the Huffington Post

Ate on plan today - Yes - stuck to fast day calories
Planned food for tomorrow - have in mind what I will write down
I logged food as I ate it - yes
Weighed myself and logged it - yes - up .8 pound
Did planned exercises - Nothing planned - walked bit under 7000 with 17 active minutes.
I didn't eat standing up - 95%
I checked in with my diet coaches - Yes
Listened to motivation recording - yes x 2 - Also did the weight loss session last night
Made time for diet and exercise - Gym planned for tomorrow.
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