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Many countries around the world do not allow imports of US corn due to GMO's. Interesting film from back in 2005: "The Future of Food" an Alliance Film.
Did you know that before 1980 no GMO corn was grown in the US except in some test plots?

I buy grass fed meats raised locally (our grocery stores are good about this) and organic vegetables, fruits and products wherever possible. I never buy dairy products from the US as the farmers are allowed to use bovine growth hormone to increase production.

In case you didn't know, genetically modified organism genes can only be 'created' by splicing in viruses or bacteria, otherwise the gene would reject the new DNA material. Scientists are supposed to be making sure that these bacteria & viruses are safe for us, but can that be proved?

GMO corn cannot be used as feed for organic livestock.
Quote" 4. How Can I Avoid GM Foods?

Our (Canadian) government does not require labeling. But you can still make a choice:

Eating certified organic food is one way you can avoid GM food because GM is prohibited in organic farming. This includes organic dairy, eggs and meat because animals in organic farming are not fed GM grains like corn or soy."
You can download a card for your fridge to know what is GMO'd and what is not in Canada.

University of Kentucky - Center for Crop Diversification, College of Agriculture
"Organic feed grain markets may be easier to
identify and more accessible than those for
organic food corn. In addition, the quality
specifications for animal
feed are less stringent than
for corn destined for human
consumption. Maintaining a
quality crop from beginning
of production through market is of the utmost
importance in food corn. Growers new to organic
farming may find organic feed production is less
exacting and perhaps less risky than food corn
production. It is important to note, however,
that maintaining the integrity of organic corn
‘from-seed-to-market’ is critical regardless of the
intended end use."

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