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Howdy folks! I'm doing pretty well these days, churning out letters & postcards & original collage postcards at a decent pace, and digging back into my French reading and vocab. In reply to my long decorated letter in a handmade envelope, my Belgian friend Robine sent me a commercial card with one paragraph on it. I really expected a letter. She sounds like she's afraid of our relationship, at the same time she says she's "happy & proud" to be my friend. I'm still hopin' that she will get her pen and her heart moving across multiple pages for me, but I'm basically a hopeful person (when not depressed, of course). What can I do but write her back, say things to alleviate her fears, and see what happens from there...

I have another friend, an Aussie who lives near Sydney, who's bipolar, and I'm worried about her. She always gets a kick out of it when I send her batches of postcards in series, and she's fascinated by fonts, so I've been sending her an A to Z series of letter postcards, each letter in a different typeface. Sending one of them every postal day, I'm now all the way up to S and I haven't heard a peep from her. And she hasn't logged onto any of her usual Web haunts since late February. So I'm thinkin' maybe she's gone into a depression... =sigh=

Foodwise, I'm still undereating. I don't know why...I just have no appetite. I'm doing my leg exercises every night to try to jazz my metabolism. And I'm still struggling with insomnia. The only way I can get to sleep is to take a large dose of benzo, and my prescription is only for 15 of them a month. I don't want any more than that, 'cause if I took 'em every night I'd just get tolerant, and then they wouldn't work anymore.

But heck, if insomnia is the worst of my problems, I call that a good deal! =smile= What I do when I can't sleep is read detective novels until dawn, and there's no scarcity of detective novels in the world.

ohiofreespirit— Jeez, that's a bummer about the bedbugs. But I'm glad your mood is up. You sound like someone who knows how to count her blessings: I admire that!

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