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Healthy Lifestyle Changes
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Hello Coaches.

Looking at my program, I think my weight loss has significantly reduced my metabolism. The exercise I did previously carrying the extra weight burned more calories, so even though I'm doing more now I'm burning fewer calories. I think I'm going to re-set Diet Power again and let it find my new metabolism rather than wait for it to keep decrasing my "budget" by 10 calories per day. I really don't want to add more exercise! Maybe I should look at the fast day?

I read this article:
and found:
"A lot of patients ask if increasing calorie expenditure through exercise is preferable to decreasing calories consumed, Hensrud explains. "What's interesting is that to keep weight off, the research shows that physical activity is more important for that phase," he says. "But to lose weight, calorie restriction is best.""

So I have to face it and just cut back some more! I'll re-set tomorrow so I don't start off negative.

Kudos for going to the gym and OP eating! OP for me isn't working like I like so time to change the plan!

So great that you have a garden! LOL about students starting their evening when others are done for the day!

onebyone So what is in the cup? Is your fav milk w/ your cookies, coffee, tea??? Awesome job on submissions.

Very nice to prep a surprise for dh's Easter. I'm glad your brother is reliable help, sending e-patience for dealing with sis!!

gardenerjoy Kudos for sticking with an uncomfortable experiment.

Lexxiss Good to see you. I hope that you have a better than expected trip! Good to hear you are in a good range for you.

6crowsgold Good to see you. Kudos for OP!
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