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Originally Posted by Pattience View Post
Yes i can't do moderation. I"m not offended by it. I think people who are offended by the notion have a problem that they should resolve. I do not think everyone should have to kittyfoot around the oversensitive person. I think that's taking things much too far.

The everything in moderation is a generalisation. There are always exceptions to generalisations. That doesn't make them less valid.

No one has been abused. I think a bit of perspective is a good idea.

I don't know what WOE is either.
I'm not offended by moderation. I usually find it admirable.

However, obviously we'll just have to agree to disagree on the topic of making blanket statements. I think that in the general "Weight Loss Support" forum, people should try to avoid making statements that sound like advice that everyone should follow some aspect of a WOE that not everyone does.

I think it's great when a bunch of different people say "This is what worked for me," and I was very happy to see a lot of posters with very different WOEs going out of their way to do just that on this thread.
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