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Originally Posted by Wannabeskinny View Post
But the bold statement stood out to me, not that I'm trying to preach the benefits of IE it's just that.... well don't you know anyone who eats whatever they want and doesn't have a weight problem? What about children who eat half a cookie and then run off to play? You say that people who practice IE are in a small minority but that's not really true, anyone who is not dieting, eating what they want, and remaining slim is actually eating intuitively.
Oops! Sorry. I didn't put enough context in my own post! I meant that in the context of 3fc, the adherents of IE are probably in the small minority of posters, so they probably face a lot more headwind in terms of people making blanket statements that don't fit well with their chosen WOE.

Being in the minority can be difficult. When low carb was new, I'm sure that many of the early low-carbers got a lot of unwanted advice (I know that I tried to dissuade the first low carber I knew when I first heard about it).

I do know people who eat IE. My daughter is one (she's 17 now). She can be in the middle of a cookie and just stops eating because she doesn't want any more. I can't imagine doing that. She's never had a weight problem.
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