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Hi friends.

I hope this post finds you well.

I have been feeling pretty good, my mood is up. My anxiety is so so. Overall I am doing well. I am very lucky. The meds are doing their job which is all I can ask of them. I have had 3 days of appts, 1 Dr's appt, 1 chiropractor appt, 1 appt with the practitioner who gives me my meds for my depression. I've had a busy week.

They have pulled me out of one of my client's homes. They have bed bugs there. I'm the one who found them last week. The people that lived there didn't even know they had them. I found them in my client's clothes. They called me today and told me that we aren't going back in the home until the bugs are all gone. I understand but feel bad for my elderly client.

I want to tell you something funny. I got my eyebrows done today. She got them way, way too thin. I should be upset but I look kinda funny. I'm not taking it that seriously, it'll grow back and it doesn't look that bad, just weird.

I will check back in a day or two until then much love to all.

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