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betsy - maybe next month, not really feeling motivated enough to come up with a 'Plan' so that I can stay on plan. Just tired lately.

Jane = thanks, I guess I'm in the... I wish I really wanted to lose weight but obviously I don't REALLY want to or I'd be doing more to make it happen mood. But I'm too tired to truely 'care'. Maintaining 100lb loss is pretty epic in my books. I lost only 20 and maintained that for 3 years so... good on ya for getting motivated to lose more so "soon". (I know most people don't get that but honestly... A year maintaining a loss like that is good!

Ubee- Maybe I'm just in need of a break. I feel bad because i'm not really on track to make Katts challenge goals (which I thought were entirely reasonable..) maybe i need to be okay maintaining for a little while longer before I have the energy to push for a loss.

Terra - Hope you had good walks.

Locke - Sorry to hear about your pains, I'm lucky I haven't experienced much pain related to my weight. But I'm getting 'old' so I guess that will start soon enough for me I only hurt in the morning, or if I've been sitting for a LONG period of time if I keep moving my body seems to 'suck it up and deal with it' for lack of a better description. The first few steps in the morning are always killer on my feet though.

Fi - The collage links don't work for me but the title intrigued me, it just took me to the main flickr page unfortunately I'm sure it was good! I feel ya on the carbs, I probably should cut them out from my diet I know but I am still not willing to do t hat. I am stubbornly perhaps not so smartly... determined i can still have them within limits.

Dean - LOL hope you are feeling better soon.

So obviously I'm feeling blah, maybe the fasting bloodwork put me in a mood. I don't know I've eaten a lot of carbs since I got back from t hat and haven't noticed a mood spike, I'm still grumpy and tired go figure. (All the carbs were in the form of fruit, I had strawberries, and grapes, and even blueberries and rasberries and yoghurt (plain with the berries mixed in). And have had black coffee, despite a full night sleep I'm still tired, I guess I really need to workout even though thats the last thing I feel like doing... its nice and sunny but COLD out today.

The fun part of the fasting bloodwork was in the AM when I weighed myself I was down to 301. But I'm sure I'm back up above and beyond the 305 range now that i've put all that food in me. Ah well,

I am not eating enough to GAIN fat today. Especially since I plan on working out... during my bloodwork fasting I did contemplating trying to keep it up for longer, but ended up giving in and eating at 10 so I only fasted for 15.5 hours. I don't think IF is really for me, but I thought about trying it since I was fasting anyhow... but gave into my munchies. Ah well.
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