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Hi everyone.. Im so proud of myself.. im so not technical savy and we disconnected the dh computer and set up the router,printer and dsl in my craft room( my laptops in the living room) it didn't work and a fiddled with it all evening and then called sil if he could come help today. so this am I fiddled some more and wahla its now working.. not sure what I did but doing the happy dance. Its awful that I have become such a creature of habit that im not a happy camper when things go awry.
Cajun,congrats on a clean house and dh that will help.. I can count on 1 hand the times mr cranky has ever washed a dish in 44 yrs of marriage.however he built me a beautiful craft room and he does vacume for me as its hard to do that using a walker so I will keep him.wannabe and maryea,i snack at night too.. last night I made a tropical fruit smoothie..took care of my sweet tooth. I used sf frozen fruit,stevia,ice,and 2 T sf vanilla coffee mate it was yummy.I make airpopped popcorn a lot too. Have a great day ttfn Rosey

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