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Good morning all. Just read all the posts, and no wonder I keep coming back to this group. Even when we're having not-so-wonderful days, this group is just so positive that we can do this. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Success doesn't occur every day, but all the wonderful thoughts expressed here make it seem like it's possible.

Jane Yes, there's nothing like a picture to give us motivation! Great news on the weight going back after the little ones' visit. And knowing that you're getting muscle built up is such a reward. Love the so sedentary you could have been statuary remark.......strong resemblance to my preferred lifestyle.
Ubee What color are you using this month on the calendar? Mine still is a pristine white -- ready to get it showing other colors!!! Sorry the walking makes the knees hurt, but it's definitely motivation for us. It sounds as though your family is going to be making some big changes with your DH having more family time. Everyone working on getting healthy will make it more supportive and hopefully fun. Can you all make it into a game when there is a monthly goal and a special treat if everyone gets to goal -- something easy like renting a movie, or visiting a museum or whatever tickles your collective fancies?
Sam Hmmmm.....setting goals. Maybe that would help. Good for you on keeping on the straight and narrow and getting in so much exercise.
Dean Other than being sorry that you're having a down period, it's refreshing to hear a man fess up to getting moods. Coffee sounds great!
Terra Sounds like you have a lot going on in your life. Is there a big campus associated with your school -- never walked so much in my life as when I was in college.
Fi LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your latest collage. And continue to be in awe of where you even come up with these ideas. Totally understand the feeling of binging on the muesli and your assessment is probably right on target. But, you have incredible will power when it comes to moving specific foods out of your life -- like cookies and diet soda -- so I know you'll master control of this.
Locke Thanks for the understanding words about the knees. I can tell a huge difference with even a few pounds off on what I can do, so hopefully your ankles will respond as well.
Time4Me Glad you're beginning to feel better and that you had a good vacation. It's a hard way to lose it, but hope the weight you lost when you were sick stays off. Mine did -- only good thing about that 48 hour period!

Had a great time visiting with my friend from my high school days yesterday, but after a 3 hour lunch and three hours of drive time, I skipped Costco, groceries and Target. So, after the gym and eating lunch (definitely need to NOT be hungry), I'm heading back into town to get the shopping done. Going to have two salad meals today -- my normal lunch time salad and a taco salad without the tortilla shell for dinner. And no bakery samples!!!!

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