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Starting over sucks.
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Sam Thank you! I cried for hours when I first saw that before picture. There's been some doozies taken of me, but that one.... eesh. It's a good reminder. Your goals are great. You are so motivated and I love it!

Ubee OMG the FEAR of hunger. I never realized how bad that had been for me until I completed my first successful day long fast. I was so amazed that I didn't "need" the food. I used to drive to A&W every morning for two sausage and eggers and a large coke because I was so afraid I would be hungry before lunch. (I go to work at 9 and my lunch is at noon). I was TERRIFIED of three hours without food. There are so many other examples of being afraid I was going to get "hungry" when it wasn't hunger at all, it was my obsession with eating!

I realized that I have truly been yoying between 375 and 385 for a YEAR now (looked it up on my graph), and while it's great that I maintained, I'm tired of seeing that same group of numbers. I freaked out about it a little until I realized that I have lost another size, so between the yoga and the swimming I have actually developed some muscle. (And I'll guarantee you that before, I had the bare minimum required to function, because I was so sedentary I could have been statuary!"). Anyways. Proud I didn't regain, but let's get on with the show shall we??

Down 1.3 this morning. Still have .4 of yesterday's pesky water weight kicking around.

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