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Not my best effort yesterday. I also had a post going yesterday evening, but then bolted from the laptop when DH came home, and left it undone. I prepped Trader Joe's chicken potstickers and fried rice, both a realistic serving with reasonable calories for what they are ... but of course the high sodium in the rice (and the other? I didn't check) ... but since I've not changed habits, I STILL hopped on the scale today to SEE how much water I'm retaining with my tight fingers, etc. Not pretty. Soon I will break that habit.

There is all drama at home. I've edited that out and suffice it to say, I'm aggravated beyond what is probably appropriate. I get frustrated at drama/exaggeration and am typically very dismissive, but this time it's gnawing away at me.

I went for a quick walk around my department and found a counter of three boxes of various stores' donuts and one box of frosted easter cookies. I checked the calories (160) on the cookies, so skipped that and took a mini peppermint patty. I didn't need it but at least savored it. A piece of candy before 10 a.m. is not wise. My hands are shaking I'm still so bent out of shape.

Dad's chemo is now scheduled for the day she leaves. I'll be there about a week later, and have offered to come in earlier if it will be helpful, so my brother will let me know as things progress. He's so very reliable, helpful, calm and we get along superbly. I wish I could take some of the burden off him.

I'll be gone for easter and will prep a small easter basket for DH - he tried on and really liked a watch over the weekend and while it's a little splurge, I'll pick that up and put that in there. I will include two reese's eggs - his faves, but only a little candy. He's working nights all that weekend, so I don't know best how to do it - call him and tell him where it's hidden, I think

OneByOne - I like your idea of keeping the streak number increasing and not reverting to Day 1 each day that doesn't meet your plan. I will start with mine today since yesterday was not pretty with extra small snacks. I can live with the peppermint patty for 50 calories. Love the body language in your pieces! Wonderful!

Bill - Credits for getting the gardens started. I am filled with 101 ideas on what i want to make my patio/gardens look nice, but mine is all flowers/shrubs with only some containers for tomatoes and peppers. I came home with a book of gorgeous patio ideas and keep dreaming while I scour the pages for ideas. In my dream home I will have shelves and growlights and warmth for seed starting. I used to have that at home in Florida and found success with some and not others, learned along the way, and enjoyed the process. Perhaps I can just create that in one room in my home here on a stand. That's impervious to curious cats.

So close ... now so far!

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