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I went to the gym and post-poned my training sessions until June. Two months feels right. By coincidemce my trainer was there and the desk girl was alarmed by my request and had the trainer come out to talk to me. She assured me it was o when I told her what I wanted but then she wanted to make sure I was still exercising at home if 'm not making it in and I lied and could feel my face get hot and my voice kind of crack. When I feel guilty I don't convincing lie. But it's a lie for now as my 10 day re-set reintroduces a "toothbrush level" of exercise soon. For me this will be the 15min/1mile walk. I *do* feel much better about going to the gym since I said that though as it is the truth that I need to fit it into my ordinary life and I need to create the pattern where it works best.

Foodwise I started the more detailed journaling required of day#2 and the reason I felt I needed to re-do it. I need to note amt, time, how i feel, and the food should be home made. He mentions in the book those that used diaries as punishment/big clubs to beat themselves up with and i thought "I didn't do that" and there i was, entering light cream and coffee into the journal and i felt *pissed* that it "wasn't enough--i had to write the time and my feelings too" Seems I am one of the punishers so there we go, some new thing learned already. *credit!!*

Another sunny day out there. My subconscious must have truly believed it would never be nice weather again as I feel stunned these days by the sunshine and melting snow. I feel as though I could take a chair and sit in it, continually adjusting it to remain facing the sun until it sets. I don't think I can get enough of it right now.

Studio day for me! Very excited! DH added the crowning touch to my submission design and my day will be spent painting it on paper. Possibly life size-half size more likely though. Yay! I'm attaching the images from my other successful series beginning--ceramic figures all wearing slippers. So far only these two are complete.I am aiming for 20 or so and a gallery show with them somewhere sometime ie. I'm not selling them at the upcoming potters' guild sale! Someone wanted to buy them and i told them no, to wait. i know thats nuts but I need them to bring the future ones into being... she does have dibs though!

Have a great day.

ps. the figure holding something has a cup in her left hand and a plate with a chocolate chip cookie on it in the other. We love what we love...
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Going to 150 5lbs at a time

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