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Gonna be skinny!
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I know the feeling! Glad to see you here.

I am currently working on an entirely new diet plan built and managed myself with help from a nutritionist. I found that everything I read online- every fad diet or 'studies show' research where one week fat is the enemy and next it's carbs, then it's this or that..was so much contradiction that it made my head spin and well I also knew to be realistic- what will I be alright eating forever, and what will I be alright giving up forever.

To stay motivated...I have some odd habits.

I pretty myself up. I know that sounds weird, helps me.

1- I typically exercise at home in my jammies, but I own 'official' gym clothes- and I wear them out of the house...on errands and shopping trips. For some reason, wearing them reminds me of what I am doing, my goals (especially at the grocery store). It reminds me to park further from the door. It reminds me NOT to buy those new cookies. It reminds me to pick up some fruits and veggies. I just feel empowered to do everything I can outside of the house, to push toward my goal. Like they say, every extra step helps. Hope that makes sense.

2- I do my hair, my nails, put on nice lotion, use face creams- just generally be a girl. My self-esteem dropped so low, that I wasn't actually putting a lot of effort into those girly things. I figured, what's the point really? I'm still fat and unattractive...and some painted nails and perfume isn't gonna change that. I do this stuff, even when I am just staying home for the day. Why? Because it motivates me to get to a point that I am comfortable with my body, and a time in my life where those things will finally feel like a great addition to the new me. Of course, many do that girly stuff all the time, I just happened not to be one of them until now. It was pony tails and the baggiest clothing I could find, hoping to just hide under them.

3- I open up all the curtains in my house and sit where I am directly in the sunlight- it gives me a lot of energy!

I guess my advice is to find a few new good habits to add to your dieting that just make you feel good. Go out of your way to do just a few little things that actually improve your mood, because the better your mood, the easier the diet is. What are some things you imagine doing when you are the new skinny girl at work- that you don't do now? Think about those things and start doing them now.

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