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Finding my mind :)
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This is where I am at right now. I am my highest weight of my life, I've spent the last few months binging more and more frequently and feeling sick with guilt. Of course I've gained a lot and feel unhappy and uncomfortable.

I tried counting calories, WW points, cutting out sugar - which I did successfully for three weeks, but I ended up caving, because I was unable to stop obsessing and desiring it mentally. So I am now experimenting with a more IE pattern. I've been doing it this week and all of last, although over the weekend I got a little restrictive on Saturday and boom! Started binging all over again. I need to just let go of the diet thoughts even though I am dying to lose this excess weight. I guess letting it fall off naturally is the best way to go about it but it is scary. I know I need to stop binging in order to achieve my desired weight.
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